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2015 Workshops
Introduction Workshop
7TH MARCH 2015
"Smudge, Smear and Smile"
9-2pm Montville Sunshine Coast

Techniques to fire your passion for DRAWING and establishing some grounding in how to use a variety of drawing media including charcoal ,pastels, graphite and pencils. This workshop taps into the right side of your brain and develops the art of observation to enable you to adapt your media experiments into more formalised artworks.  More

Print Making

28th March 2015
"Textures, Stamps and Layers"
9-2pm, Montville, Sunshine Coast

PRINTMAKING has been the interest of artists for many centuries. It can be unlike any marks painted or drawn.The spontaneity of mono printing can allow for an element of freedom and surprise unlike any other media. Contemporary explorations show how flexible and creative this media can be.

Mixed Media

25th April 2015
"It's a Wrap"
9-2pm, Montville, Sunshine Coast

Layering, collaging, reinventing is all about MIXED MEDIA. These will be ways to ignite your approach to combining images and fragments to create a surface on which to stamp,draw,texture and layer further. Monoprinting, collage , stamping with natural and man- made objects, painting and drawing and exploring a number of mediums, will visually engage you to manipulate the surface. More

February Newsletter

Artworkshops Group have their eye on 2015

Creating your artwork with online and one day workshops......It's great to be starting the year fresh and ready to get the creative energy flowing. Welcome to all the new followers of Artworkshops Group. We have some new approaches which are going to be easy to create your own journey. Our " Introduction to Art Online" will be a simple way for those who wish to have a step by step visual to creating their own artwork and peruse in their own time. It will be available from our website in the next few weeks with a short version for you to sample and decide whether you wish to take the full course.

We have tried to gauge your most interested in medias from 2014 and provide a workshop so you can find something just right for your passion. So let's get into the year ahead and enjoy!

Websites of Interest

WWW. What? Why? Who? - this is where we hope to find some websites of intrigue and inspiration for you....
This wonderful inspiring collaborative art project is well worth a visit. It features 31,774 artist books, contributed by creatives from 135+ countries. You can browse some amazing journals all online and at the touch of a fingertip! Check out their latest CHALLENGE and see if you're up to it.

WHAT'S IN A MEDIA? - if there's a technique to be found we'll find it. This is where you get to find that edge to make your artwork eye catching. Have you got a spare 5 minutes? It's great to share some down time with yourself and source the inspiration from so many creative videos on you tube. And just now and again you find one that resonates. Its amazing how simple kitchen materials can be your medium."Using Salt"