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Since opening the Art Workshops venue in April 2021, we have become a hub for creatives alike and curious souls who just love the surprise when entering our doors… For some it’s a start to firsthand experience in a studio or a sense of expectation and surprise at what a workshop might have to offer.

So as well as plenty of workshops on the go for term 3 we are bringing on board exciting local artists for guest workshops. Our first such artist is well known coastal talent, Lizzie Connor!

Welcome Lizzie Connor!

Lizzie has joined our team to bring even more energy into the studio. She has such contagious enthusiasm for her use of ink and drawing in her artwork and will show you some stunning ways to develop depth and connection to our beautiful coastal environment. Don't expect anything less than encouragement and a wealth of knowledge as she brings another layer to our studio...   
More on Lizzie and her workshop...

We don't just have clay for you to play with but what better place to begin.....
has been a love of mine for over 30 years and now in the Studio we have our 6 pottery wheels raring to go and our beginners workshops are a great place to start sharing the love ....so what does a beginners workshop with a pottery wheel give you?
  • a sense of fun 
  • focus
  • skills
  • patience
Some students have said it makes them feel calm and almost mesmerized by the wheel turning in circles....getting to know your way of working the wheel can be challenging but the rewards are plenty! You don't know how the magic will captivate you until you give it a go More
Being creative is not a hobby. It's a way of life...... Author Unknown
Watercolour and Digital Printing
If you love using watercolor, collage, different surfaces and a printer, then watch out for what can be a brilliant way of taking your ideas and techniques even further. Printing onto muslin, printable labels, canvas and watercolor paper can give your own designs a variety of ways to be able to manipulated and added to surfaces.  .... More

Spoonflower is an amazing website to check out some more great tips on watercolour and digital printing and tutorials to inspire you no end!

For more details on upcoming workshops click on links below:

Ceramics - Beginners and the Pottery Wheel

Saturday July 10th, August 7th, September 11th, September 18th

Watercolour and Digital Printing  
Saturday 17th July

Printmaking Gift Cards and Tags
Saturday 24th July

Handbuilding and Textured Tiles
Sunday 8th and 15th August

Drawing -'Get Inked'
Lizzie Connor
Saturday 31st July

Acrylics and Flow
Saturday 21st August

Drawing - Portraits
Saturday 28th August

Introduction to Art 
Saturday September 4th

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