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                  Making your marks!

How important is it to you in this moment to capture the place and time you are in?
We are forever using our phones to keep that glimpse of a special event , photograph a face, send a message ,travel through the internet and much more. What about your personal connection to a moment ....the marks you make with your own hands, What if you could create an artwork to bring this all together?  It is becoming so much more relevant to make connections through our mind, body and soul to the world around us and be creative when doing so. Take a breath and be present in the moment....its worth the journey!

TELL me and I forget. SHOW me and I am entertained. Have me DO IT and I remember.
Marvin Bartel
Getting your hands dirty is what its all about for an it and remember!
I hope this is a mixture of both this month. Something to get you 'doing' as well as pushing boundaries and trying something new.

            Texture paste and stencils
Painting in its glory has to be when you have a mind meld of media, technique and imagination. Then you begin to apply the layers that create the interest and depth. Techniques such as glazing, embedding, texturing and sgraffito can lift a painting with added highlights or focal points. Be prepared to deconstruct the mystery behind many contemporary effects used by artists today with further tips and details to come.

Texture paste with bubble wrap, back of an egg flip and beehive stencil....
.If you love using texture paste here is a quick recipe to make heaps of your own and never have to buy it again.
                                          Homemade Texture Paste
1/4 cup Talcum Powder
( I use Johnsons Baby Powder to make it smell good too!)
1 Tablespoon PVA glue
1 Teaspoon of white acrylic paint.
Mix it all together and keep in a sealed container 

Make Your Mark -
Art Classes

Classes will be on Friday mornings, 3 hours, for 4 sessions and  includes working with different drawing media and looking through new eyes at the world around you in a range of different ways. It's a great way to start the weekend..... relax and have a chance to meet others who just want to chill in the studio environment and learn some inspiring ideas to take further in their own time! An excellent starting point for beginners.....At the end of the classes you will have a number of A3 artworks to frame and an insight into what you need in your toolkit to create with what you love. Materials are available in a kit for you to begin your 4 week class and can be purchased at Art Workshops Studio prior to your start date. Small class numbers in a relaxing environment....3 hours of Friday bliss! Book online.

Verandah moments are what the Studio is about....take time to breathe in the mountain air and do what you love! Let us know when you can can make time to come in, chill on the wheel pottery , create a portrait or just drop and see what's happening in the Studio...
Send us a message

Hand build something unique.....

Who wouldn't love to create a palette for your daily ritual of water colouring .... individually hand made ceramics have your own hand prints on them for life. What hand made items can you think of  that you can use on a daily basis that could be made of clay? A cheese platter maybe? A soap dish or a knitting bowl to keep all your wool from tangling? The ideas are endless! Thursday Pottery Mojo is where you start the journey to hand build to your hearts content...

You will be seeing my face and hands much more in the coming snippets on Instagram and Facebook so its probably time to put a face to the name!
I'm Janine Delgos, with a passion for sharing my 35 years of knowledge as a visual art teacher,  and although my business, Art Workshops, has been running for over 10 years, the studio is now the home and creative hub for all workshops, classes and artworks.   

Thank you for all the support and enthusiasm shared in workshops over the last 12 months and I hope I can continue to be a part of your creative journeys to come!

                  Short videos for workshops in the pipeline....            

We've had some fun creating videos in the studio the past week and here's some of the footage to give you an insight to the space and place in Montville.....images below and above are links to Art Workshops You Tube channel if you want to find a technique or two to get the mojo happening...

                    Immerse yourself inspired and you never know
                                             what you will create!
Thank you for viewing and have a great day!
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