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Loving the mojo!

Here's to May and the start of winter in the Studio in Montville as the mist surrounds the mountains and the air becomes fresh and crisp. Inspiration and studio sessions (and now a coffee machine!) will be on the cards to keep the winter chills at bay.....The Art Workshops Studio changes with the seasons and as the kiln fires up, the building takes on a warm glow of activity. 

Workshop or Class???
If you're not sure whether you want a 2 hour workshop or an ongoing 5 sessions in a class, or just time in the studio at your own pace, there is something for everyone. Drop in for a coffee to chat or check out the ever rotating list of workshops and classes for yourself on the website
Current Workshops

Studio Art Classes

Studio Art Classes on Fridays for 5 sessions, will start you using basic media to explore and manipulate materials . It's a great way to start the weekend..... relax and have a chance to meet others who just want to chill in the studio environment and learn some inspiring ideas to take further in their own time! An excellent starting point for beginners!

Workshops for young adults and home schoolers are available in
2D and 3D media if you wish to
contact us for a more
personalised experience. Building self confidence, creative thinking and focus are just a few of the benefits of our workshops.

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Creating with clay.....

Ceramics for Kids and Studio Kids Mojo are for the beginning of a life long journey and habit of art for your young child. We often invest in the physical and hands on things in our life but what greater memory for a child to have than the sheer tactile experience of having fun with clay! They'll get to take home ceramic platters , bowls and cups that will last and become an heirloom for the next generation... thank you Mia and Olivia for showing me how an hour on the wheel inspired you both.

Pottery Mojo every Thursday.....join with 2 friends and you will receive your first class for half price!
This is an ongoing pottery class that can have you creating a set or series of items to compliment your home. It begins with an idea, then learn a technique, then add your own colours and themes! Its a great start to stilling the mind and allowing yourself to create that special gift or just hang out with other creative souls who will inspire...


Small groups, birthdays, corporate team building days and Hens parties are great ways to create a memory and experience the Studio first hand. A memory plaque of your special day and food platters can also be provided.....
Studio calm before the creative storm
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