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Coming Workshops

Introduction Workshop

Introduction to Art
Use traditional and contemporary media to explore the fundamentals of art in the beautiful surrounds in Montville on the Sunshine Coast.

16th November 2013 More
8th February 2014 More
5th April 2014 More
3rd May 2014 More

Specalisation Workshops

Specialisation Workshops
These workshops that will see you play in medias you never dreamed of combining. Develop more skills to enhance your toolkit.

Drawing - Working into the Wet
17th November 2013 More
Mixed Media

22nd February 2014 More
22nd March 2014 More
19th April 2014 More

Montville QLD

Inspiration Workshops

Inspiration Workshops

Learn to trust your creative process and work alongside practicing artists.

Kym Barrett
Renewing your Creative Spirit
In this workshop, we will work through a series of exploratory draw-paint exercises , each one building on the last. More

7th-8th December 2013

Professional Development for Teachers

Creative Colour
This professional development workshop is for teachers and those interested in learning how to have fun with art journalling. You will create a resource to keep in your art toolkit that reflects creative uses of the Elements of Design through inspirational techniques such as collaging... More

8th March 2014


November Newsletter

Welcome to Lizzie Connor and Victoria Fitzpatrick  
both Lizzie and Victoria are vibrant artists coming on board to Artworkshops Group with some exciting ideas for workshops in the coming year.
Image Woodless Aquarelles/Rock pools
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Creative Colour

Pixlr express IPAD Play – technology to assist the creative juices and give you refreshing perspectives on your own work. Either take photos of the images you wish to use as your inspiration or manipulate and create a composition using your own sketches that takes you outside your everyday approach. Using the ‘ PiXLR Express ‘ app ( shown in photo) or a number of photo enhancing programs, you can begin to stretch the imagination even further. You will adapt to some innovative ways to look at a subject. ( PiXLR Express is suitable for phone and tablet devices ).

Image Woodless Aquarelles/Rock pools
Image Woodless Aquarelles/Rock pools
Image Woodless Aquarelles/Rock pools


The more you draw the better your drawings will be...guaranteed! To draw accurately you must learn to see accurately. Drawing will connect you to what you draw in a way that snapping a photograph never can. It requires time and focus and a need for you to slow down and spend time with your subject. In the process , you become aware of the grace and beauty of the most common object and place. For some great ways to see some effects of different drawing tools on your drawings take a look at Danny Gregory’s website. An informative website , videos, and blog that will inspire..

Introduction to Art

How do we begin the journey into creativity if we have no clues or mentors to guide us? One way is to look to the past and the wealth of creativity that has come from periods of time long before now. One name springs to mind – Leonardo Da Vinci - his notebooks are often cited when the word ‘creative’ pops up. His world view of the Italian Renaissance – a world possessing order, one capable of being perfectible - does not reflect travels or problems of the day but rather natural phenomenon, river systems , inventions, ideas . These are creative journals in the true sense of the word. A creative journal focuses on the future and how to get there. It’s a tool of the imagination, but it’s also a means of realising dreams and plans. Want to read more go to for an insight into a creative journaller:
Image Woodless Aquarelles/Rock pools
Image Woodless Aquarelles/Rock pools
Image Woodless Aquarelles/Rock pools

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