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 Art Workshops combine with the inspiration of SPRING!

We have packed a great many workshops into the year so far and it's not over yet! With the buzzing of spring in the air every creative bone in the body needs a kick start to inspire new ideas and get the energy flowing. SMUDGE and FLOW are just two ways we have launched into the warmer weather. See what else we have in store with LIve and Online workshops.......
Live Ceramics for Kids has a couple of spots left for next term with some exciting projects using the wheel, hand building and introducing hand made molds.
Starting Saturday 28th October for five  consecutive Saturdays 9-12pm.
Live Pastels -SMUDGE 
Date to remember is Sunday December 3rd 10am-1pm. Be prepared to get those fingers working over time with colour abound...this workshop experiments with a variety of smudgable media and some great techniques to try.

Exciting workshops are in the pipeline for Primary Educators wanting to engage in current Professional Development in the Visual Arts Curriculum and also have access to some creative lesson plans and materials.....please let us know if you are interested in having a workshop in any one of our media areas or a combination that suits you.

These beauties come in a pack of 3 for you to watercolour yourself!  Just be the first
 4 Art Workshop Live and Online lovers to place the word 'Watercolours' in your registration details on our website and a complimentary pack will be sent out to you.
HIDDEN TEXTURES - 1. Impress into a layer of  transparent IMPASTO with your favourite stamps. Allow to dry then touch with gold or lighter colour of your choice to highlight.

2. Using 2 parts PVA to 1 part water ratio begin to brush onto surface of media board or canvas. Then work a sheet of non bleached tissue paper into that surface with the same mix of PVA and water, brushing gently and pushing out all air bubbles

Online Acrylics has more ways to enhance your contemporary painting....
Art Workshops Group know there are many of you that have some valuable hints and tips for your own TOOLKIT so we are putting it out there for anyone to share an idea or two for our next e-zine. Just 
Above is the first tip for that TOOLKIT.........
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