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Introduction Workshop

Specialisation Workshops
These workshops that will see you play in media you never dreamed of combining. Develop more skills to enhance your toolkit.
31st May 2014 More
Postponed until later in 2014

Mixed Media
14th June 2014   More

Inspiration Workshops
Learn to trust your creative process and work alongside practicing artists.                          
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Introduction to Art
28th June 2014


Introduction to Art Workshops will be held in a relaxed atmosphere in the Sunshine Coast hinterland and you will be inspired by your
surrounds to work in a creative space. Take a fresh look at familiar natural subjects , notice their wonderful designs and use them in your work to express what you see. This one day workshop will make you want to take the next step into your creative journey and specialise
in a media suited just for you. 
Professional Development

Printmaking 26th July

Printmaking has been the interest of artists for many centuries. It can be unlike any marks painted or drawn. The spontaneity of monoprinting can be just one way to create an element of freedom and surprise unlike any other media.
In this workshop you will be exploring and experimenting with water based inks to develop a connection to a variety of printing techniques using symbols, shapes and textures More 


May /June Newsletter

 Quotes that resonate.....
"Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet"
Thich Nhat Hanh

 Rewire your do you begin to change habitual patterns and replace them with productive and creative thoughts. All too often we put out thoughts that say 'I can't ' or I'm not good enough to do that'. What if we changed those thoughts by being aware of what our subconscious is doing. By practicing MINDFULNESS we can train the brain to be more focused ,attentive and less reactionary and more engaged. It can make your thinking more efficient and robust and more importantly produce more creative thoughts to dispel the old ones that you might have carried around for years. Create new patterns that serve you better. Be in the moment and enjoy!

 Websites of Interest 
Digital technology is here to stay and whether we hate it or love it,embrace it or repel it, there can be useful elements of it that can be fun and playful at the same time.
This app is one that is simple to use and has lots of great support with tools , techniques and examples of what can be achieved. You also create your own personalised journal and off you go!!! Build up your tool kit as you gain more confidence.
Tricks of the Trade
Mixed media - Tissue Paper Transfer

This is a simple method to allow you to create layers and develop mixed media artworks with either your own drawings or images you have found. All you need is a clear overhead transparency sheet that will go through your laser printer with the tissue paper attached ,by glue sticking around the edges and trimming.Then scan or copy your image from the computer to the printer and place your tissue paper face down and voila!  The possibilities can be endless..... Use a gel medium or watered down PVA glue on both sides of your tissue to glue to the surface of whatever you are using. Make sure to run your finger over the top to remove any air bubbles. Learn more in Mixed Media - Manipulating the Surface 14th June
Text Transfer
How often do you want to place a quote or word into your artwork and find that the quality of your own handwriting does not suffice? This method is a fun way to explore all different kinds of font, size and detail. You will need : 
Wide packaging clear tape
Laser printed text, either hand written or computer generated.
Place the tape over the printed text and burnish with the back of a spoon. Then place into a bowl of warm to hot water. Leave to soak for a couple of minutes ( time to make a cup of tea!) then begin to rub the paper side of the strip and keep rubbing to slowly remove the paper and be left with the remaining text. This can be used over a great variety of surfaces with interesting results.


Our latest workshop "Introduction to Art" at Lift saw some great explorations and down right fun use of media.We all let loose our inhibitions and created to our hearts content. Here's some of our results...the platter was our yummy morning tea by Live Foods organic cafe...

Choosing an Art Journal
Want to try something completely different? An art journal need not start blank. Find a used book that's not too rare or valuable, but that has a lot of character, such as a volume of an old encyclopedia from a mismatched set. Try opportunity shops and garage sales. Then, make it your own. Write in it, paste things in, fold and cut the pages to your heart's content. The book underneath may color or inspire the content or just serve as a background. This is a good direction to go if your tastes in art run towards collage or altered objects. With your modifications, the book itself will become the art.