Drawing Workshop - Pens Pencils February 3rd 2024

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Our workshop encourages you to explore your surroundings and find inspiration in the environment. You’ll learn how to translate your observations into artwork and create depth and perspective using a range of materials such as pencils, graphite, and pens. Simple techniques like hatching, grinding, and using positive and negative space will be taught to help you develop your unique artistic style. Prepare to lose yourself in the calming process of drawing as you immerse yourself in this creative experience. Our supportive and relaxed environment will alleviate any fears you may have about starting or continuing your artistic journey.

As a perfect gift for a keen artist, this drawing class on the Sunshine Coast is an ideal birthday surprise. You'll leave with not only newfound skills and knowledge but also your own delightful creations to cherish and showcase. Discover the joy of drawing and let your creativity soar in this empowering workshop. Materials supplied will be graphite, charcoal, ink, various A3 papers and an A4 journal. You will learn how to enhance your own working artist journal that reflects your experiments and knowledge into drawing techniques.

Date: 03 Feb 2024    
9:00am -11.00am

Artist: Janine Delgos.

Location: Art Workshops Studio

Address: 184 Main Street Montville

Cost: $80.00

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Step into our relaxed environment, let your worries fade away, and immerse yourself in the calming process of drawing. Our workshops are designed to cater to all skill levels, and beginners are especially welcome. You'll feel supported and encouraged as you explore your creativity and find joy in creating beautiful artwork.

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