Pastels Workshop

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This workshop gives you ways to explore and become confident with pastels, both hard and soft. By understanding the techniques and skills used to manipulate these materials gives you an opportunity to blend, overlay, feather and scumble. Exploring the boundaries of each technique will give you handles to hold onto to achieve some stunning effects with just the swipe of a smudge stick or the layer of a tone. You will develop some pastel techniques that can enhance what you might already know or give you a fresh approach to your own style of working. Examples provided will step you through stages of working with an image of your choice as well as working with colour and its layers of tones and shades

Hatching, stippling, scribbling and using elements of colour are just some of the ways to develop techniques to begin introducing you to ways of working with pastels. You will gain a sense of confidence around decision making and each technique will be applied in an activity to create a visual example to be documented in your Visual Journal as well as completing an A4 still life on a pastel board. These will then be taken further to explore the possibilities of larger pastel artworks. All materials are included.

 width=   Pastels and Ink Landscape Sunday January 7th 2024
  07 Jan 2024  Montville Studio
 width=   Pastel and Ink Landscape Saturday February 17th
  17 Feb 2024  Montville Studio
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