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Online Art Workshop: Art Basics

Art Basics - Online Art Workshop Outline

Art Basics will start you using basic media to explore and manipulate materials and understand how to use art as a vehicle for self-expression. Once you work through each media in this workshop you are then confidently able to go to the next step and begin an online workshop in the media of your choice!

There are four videos included in the art workshop that are designed to give you an insight into tools and activities to begin confidently in graphite and pencil, watercolour pencils, painting and dry pastels. You will investigate visual arts elements such as line, colour, shape and texture using a variety of simple media. You will be shown some creative and easy ways to take these techniques and skills further. While gaining valuable practical experience with the use of graphite and pencils, watercolour pencils, acrylics and dry pastels you will be exploring and experimenting with elements of design and having hands-on experience with a variety of traditional and non-traditional media.

Art Workshop Content

Introduction and discussion of examples of design elements and principles.
Visual Journals: what are they, how are they used
Graphite and Pencil Video Art Workshop
Watercolour Pencils Video Art Workshop
Painting Video Art Workshop
Dry Pastels Video Art Workshop
Exploration with techniques and creating simple mark making tools.
Important use of design- ideas and fun experiments

Art Workshop Preview, Materials and Cost

Art Basics includes 4 online art workshops to enable you to feel confident to engage with a variety of media.

The material list for this workshop is recommended only! You can purchase them as a kit, or from your local art supplier.

Workshop Price: $20
Art Basics Materials Kit (optional) $155

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