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Online Art Workshop: Printing

Printing - Art Workshop Outline

Printing Art Workshop gives you ways to explore and become confident with the versatile printing process and its adaptable and simple materials and techniques. Each printing technique will be a shown how it can be a valuable source of ideas and future fodder for a number of projects. This workshop does not require any expensive equipment such as a printing press.

By understanding the techniques and skills used to manipulate these materials gives you an opportunity to monoprint, stamp, frottage and stencil. By understanding the boundaries of each media can give you handles to hold onto to achieve more options for its use. Develop some printing techniques that could enhance what you might already know or give you a fresh approach to your own style of working with your prints.

Sgrafitto, scrape, roll, collage, and layer are just some of the ways to develop techniques to begin introducing you to ways of working. You will gain a sense of confidence around decision making and each technique will be applied to create a visual example to be documented in your Visual Journal. These will then be taken further to explore the possibilities of printed artworks combining a number of techniques achieved.

Two videos included in the art workshop are designed to expand your repertoire of how to manipulate and utilise materials and surfaces. You will be shown some creative and easy ways to take your techniques and skills further. From starting points you create, you will begin to open up the possibilities for your own artwork.

Art Workshop Content

Printing Techniques as Starting Points Video
From Starting Points to Beginning your own Printed Surface Video
Technique notes and definitions included
Demonstrations of printing and possibilities.
Visual Journal layouts and examples to give you starting points.
Printmaking Techniques templates

Workshop Preview, Materials and Cost

The material list for this workshop is recommended only! You can purchase them as a kit from Art Workshops, online from various art suppliers or from your nearest local art supplier.

Rescue Tape

FimoSoft Small Blocks 56gm White #0

Rubber Hard Lino Printing Roller 10cm

Economy Foam Roller 60mm

Craft Knife No.7

Muslin 30cm

Paper Towels 4 shts

Masking Tape 18mm x50m

Mist Spray Pen

Plastic Page Protector A3

Acrylics Chromacryl 75ml tube

Acrylics Chromacryl 75ml tube - White

Acrylics Chromacryl 75ml tube - Cool Yellow

Acrylics Chromacryl 75ml tube - Warm Ultra Blue

Acrylics Chromacryl 75ml tube - Warm Red

Acrylics Chromacryl 75ml tube - Light Green

Acrylics Chromacryl 75ml tube - Burnt Sienna

Acrylics Chromacryl 75ml tube - Gold

Rains DL Watercolour Paper 5 shts

Note: To reduce shipping and overall costs, the A4 Visual Journal has been removed and the kit contains 5 Rains DL Watercolour Paper samples.

Workshop Price: $20
Printing Materials Kit (optional) $131

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