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Art Workshops

Art Workshops was created by artists and educators to inspire novice, emerging and experienced artists to develop and evolve their skill sets through online and live art workshops and art courses

Art Workshops

can be mixed and matched to create your own learning journey at your pace.

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Art Courses

consist of 3 or more specific workshops and take your online experience to another level.


Live Workshops

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Art Workshops provide an inspiring space to give you an insight into the creative process of MAKING. We all have a need to search for the tools to begin a journey to inspire the soul and share with others.What is your unique ‘MAKING’ process? How can you begin to develop ways of working with media that you love?

LIVE workshops could be just the KEY.

The Sunshine Coast in South East Queensland offers some amazing venues which means you can access the media you require in a number of unique spaces.

Our goal is to INSPIRE, IMMERSE you in a media and allow you to easily CREATE your unique way of working.

2021 Workshops

Introduction to Art Image

Our introduction to Art workshop offer ways to develop your basic art knowledge and to keep journaling a focus for all your artworks in one day of exploration.Each workshop takes the opportunity to explore a range of techniques, skills and...

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Live Workshop Drawing Image

DRAWING classes give you a day to explore a number of techniques to fire your passion for drawing and establishing some grounding in how to use a variety of drawing media including charcoal, pastels, graphite and pencils A3 drawing boards will be your...

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Pens and Pencils Image

Learn to make unique clay tiles that can be made into plaster moulds, inspired by textures and surfaces you would not think possible. You will create a number of tile samples and develop a knowledge of underglazes and decorative techniques for your tiles...

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Watercolours Image

Printmaking has been the interest of artists for many centuries. It can be unlike any marks painted or drawn. The spontaneity of mono printing can allow for an element of freedom and surprise unlike any other media. Other techniques such as relief and intaglio can also be combined with...

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Pens and Pencils Image

Through altering a traditional working surface, such as Mixed Media Board, you will begin a series of additive and subtractive methods to manipulate further, using unconventional tools such as combs ,sticks, putty knives, and serrated scrapers...

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Live Workshop Painting Image

By understanding the use of the many products that can be used with Acrylic paint, you will be able to enhance your artwork through these workshops and classes to create your own individual approach. Techniques will include glazing...

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Current Workshops

Ceramics Workshop - Beginners and the Pottery Wheel
 width=  19 Jun 2021  Montville Studio
  Gain confidence and an insight into how to relax on the pottery wheel. Find an inner balance and connect with clay. Create wheel thrown bowls and mugs... more
Drawing Workshop - Illustrating your environment
 width=  26 Jun 2021  Montville Studio
   Explore and fire your passion for drawing by creating create your own toolkit of materials and develop the art of obser... more
Mixed Media Workshop
 width=  07 Jul 2021  Buderim Craft Cottage
   Collage and Concertina Books Use a creative toolkit to create small concertina books that can be used as persona... more

Online Art Workshops

Online Art Workshops and Art Courses provide a flexible learning environment allowing you to work at your pace in your time. Online Art Workshops and Art Courses are not a replacement for live art workshops, but can better prepare you and help you to get the most out of a live art workshop whilst inspiring you with new skills and techniques to enhance the media areas you love already and create when and where you feel like.

  • Access to thoughtfully designed art workshops and art courses
  • Start your ONLINE learning at any age and work at your own pace.
  • DEVELOP your own style.
  • CHOOSE an art workshop or art course that suits you.
  • Pickup and put down when it is CONVIENIENT for you.
  • CREATE something that has been done uniquely by you.
  • EXPLORE materials that you might not have thought to use before in your own time.
  • EXPERIMENT with a variety of suggested media that can expand your skills and techniques and be shown how to use them on various levels.
  • Feel confident in an ART WORKSHOP and be ready to move into a ART COURSE that provides even more inspiring learning

Online Art Workshops and Art Courses

Art Basics Online Workshop Image

Art Basics will start you using basic media to explore and manipulate art materials and understand how to use art as a vehicle for self-expression. Once you work...

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Acrylics Online Workshop Image

Acrylics Workshop shows you how to explore and become confident with colour and acrylic paint. By understanding the impact of colour, developing a composition...

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Pens and PencilsOnline  Workshop Image

Pens and Pencils Workshop gives you ways to explore and become confident with 2 dimensional art materials such as pencils, graphite and pens. By understanding...

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Watercolours Online Workshop Image

Watercolours Workshop shows you how to explore and become confident with water-soluble art materials such as pencils, paints and inks. Allowing water to be used to...

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Pastel Online Workshop Image

Pastels Workshop gives you ways to explore and become confident with pastels. By understanding the techniques and skills used to manipulate these materials gives you...

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Printing Online Workshop Image

Printing Workshop gives you ways to explore and become confident with the versatile printing process and its adaptable and simple art materials and techniques...

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Online Art Courses

Online Course Drawing image

“PERSPECTIVES” is a drawing experience to give you skills and techniques with a range of jumping points that will see your confidence soar in making decisions...

In Production (Coming Soon)
Online Course Printmaking Image

“TEXTURED” is a course that combines ACRYLICS and various mediums to explore anything that you can feel or see as a source of inspiration for your printed...

In Production (Coming Soon)
Online Course Drawing Image

“JOURNALOGY” is a course to inspire the CREATIVE in you to EXPLORE and EXPERIMENT with your Visual Journal and exciting approaches from documenting and...

In Production (Coming Soon)
Online Course Print Making Image

“EMBEDDED” is a course that combines ACRYLICS and various mediums to explore art materials to create layers, 3 dimensional qualities and transparencies in your artwork...

In Production (Coming Soon)
Online Course Painting Image

“SURFACE” is a course to work with objects on which to paint in ACRYLICS , INKS and other WATER SOLUABLE media. Work in ways to broaden possibilities with art materials...

In Production (Coming Soon)
Online Course Mixed Media Image

“COLLAGE” is a course that will enable you to become confident choosing art materials and mediums that allow for TRANSPARENT or OPAQUE surfaces to be created and...

In Production (Coming Soon)