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Live Art Workshops:

Live workshops are back on the calendar on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. Time to try a class that becomes a one day event and is packed with inspiring and creative tasks. In each media you will have an opportunity to engage with a skill or technique that you will work with for a whole day. Choose your class from the broad range listed in the Live Workshops provided and be prepared to work your way through a day immersing yourself in art.

Intro Workshop INTRODUCTION TO ART classes offer ways to develop your basic art knowledge and to keep journaling a focus for all your artworks in one day of exploration.Each workshop takes the opportunity to explore a range of techniques, skills and creative tips in relaxed and inspirational environment.

Ceramics Workshop CERAMICS classes are a fun one day experience into TEXTURE and LINE. If you have a love for the feel of clay and its flexibility then it’s not hard to begin developing simple and effective projects such as tiles, bowls and platters inspired by textures and surfaces you would not think possible. You will create a number of tile samples and develop a knowledge of underglazes and decorative techniques for your tiles.

Drawing  Workshop DRAWING classes give you a day to explore a number of techniques to fire your passion for drawing and establishing some grounding in how to use a variety of drawing media including charcoal, pastels, graphite and pencils. Small cards and A3 drawing boards will be your surfaces for a finished artwork.

Mixed Media  Workshop MIXED MEDIA classes will give you a chance to manipulate and create layers, collage and reinvent surfaces. These will be ways to ignite your approach to combining images and fragments to create a surface on which to embed further. This is a one day class with possibilities to make small books, cards or a mixed media board surface that is uniquely yours.

Painting  Workshop PAINTING classes will demonstrate techniques that will include glazing, embedding, texturing and sgrafitto. Be prepared to deconstruct the mystery behind many contemporary effects used by artists today. Using some experiments and contemporary design inspired ideas you will feel confident tackling a canvas or media board on which to take your painting mediums much further.

Pastels  Workshop PASTELS classes will engage you with techniques that develop layers of colour and texture. Through the use of dry and oil pastels you begin to open possibilities with surfaces that encourage rubbing, hatching, stippling, smudging and blending. Develop techniques that could enhance what you might already know or give you a fresh approach to your own style of working with your pastels.

Printing  Workshop PRINTMAKING classes will incorporate techniques such as relief and intaglio and can be combined with more contemporary explorations into digital printing to show how flexible and creative this media can be. Tools are easy to manipulate and can be used with simple methods but with exciting and versatile results for your one day class.

Watercolours  Workshop WATERCOLOURS classes will show you how to explore and become confident with water-soluble materials such as pencils, paints and inks. Allowing water to FLOW and manipulate these materials gives you an opportunity to drip, dribble or spray around a surface. Enjoy the flexibility of watercolour and create some amazing results with simple but effective tools and techniques.

Current Workshops:

These classes, in the form of a One Day Workshop, can be for the Beginner or the Intermediate user and provide easy steps and processes to get you immersed, inspired and challenged to create.