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Live Art Workshops: Drawing Workshop - Pens and Pencils

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‘Pens and Pencils’ workshop gives you ways to explore and become confident with 2 dimensional materials such as pencils, graphite and pens. These materials can be water soluble, permanent and layered to be manipulated and combined with great effects. By understanding the techniques and skills used to manipulate these materials gives you an opportunity to shade and add depth to a surface. You will develop some drawing techniques such as hatching, gridding, perspective, working into positive and negative space, that will enhance what you might already know or give you a fresh approach to your own style of working with your pens and pencils.

Rubbings, negative spaces, working with shadows, and transferring images are just some of the ways to develop techniques to begin introducing you to ways of working. You will gain a sense of confidence around decision making and each technique will be applied to create a visual example to be documented in a Visual Journal. You will learn how to explore and be inspired by your own environment and source materials that can be transferred into an idea or artwork. You will complete an A4 decorative landscape and a selection of card samples and experiments of techniques for personal gift cards.

Date: Completed on the 26 Nov 2021 There is another coming!    

Location: Montville Studio

Address: 184 Main Street, Montville QLD 4560

Cost: TBA

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Workshop Artist: Janine Delgos

Janine Delgos is a qualified secondary art educator and artist with 26 years of experience in the realm of Visual Art and Education. She has been a prolific teacher in both regional and coastal schools in and around the Sunshine Coast and is passionate at encouraging her students to explore and break conventions and boundaries to find their own narrative as well as fostering community creativity and mentoring the young and talented. Janine has a multitude of skills, techniques and materials knowledge that provide inspiring and creative approaches to any artwork