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Live Art Workshops: Watercolours - Pigment and Watercolour

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Pigment and Watercolour is a half day workshop that will allow you to explore and learn where to find potential earth pigments, to experience how to craft the found earth into pigments and finally what to bind the pigments with to make various types of paint for watercolours. Not to be missed, these workshops allow participants to engage with mother nature’s amazing colour spectrum by offering a sustainable solution to creating art. Pigment kits are also available for you to purchase prior to workshop at the studio.
This workshop will provide:

•An introduction to understand traditional paints and their relevance in todays world now.
• Getting to know what mineral and earth pigments are offered.
• An explanation on how pigment watercolour is completely different to water colours purchased in stores, albeit just as effective vibrant and joyful.
• Participants to select colours from pigments provided to make a pigment watercolour palette in preparation for painting.
• Be guided creating watercolour art with hand made paint..
10 participants

Date: 19 Mar 2022    
9am - 1pm

Location: Montville Studio

Address: 184 Main Street, Montville QLD 4560

Cost: $170.00


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Workshop Artist: Mo Riggs

Mo Riggs is a long standing established and internationally acclaimed artist who is a passionate nature lover advocating for healthy land and water in our environment. Mo embarked on her own private rebellion against synthetic plastic art mediums and now crafts her own traditional paints. She forages for pigments out in the wild and is successfully developing a sustainably, viable earth and mineral pigment palette of stunning archival quality colours. All her custom and stock paintings she currently renders with earth and mineral pigment paints. Mo Riggs earth pigments is a shared journey for curious creatives everywhere especially those keen to make the switch towards reducing their individual plastic consumption. For several years Mo has facilitated many successful pigment watercolour, tempera and oil paint workshops between Redland Bay’s Indigiscapes to Bundaberg’s Bargara.