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Live Art Workshops: Watercolours Workshop -Landscape

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The theme of a landscape can be enhanced using a variety of water soluble art materials. Materials will include watercolour discs, pigments, inks, pencils and pens. This workshop will give you a sense of what techniques such as wet on wet, wet on dry, washes, layering and dry brush can achieve using these materials.

The gorgeous effects achieved with the right brushes and ability to make water flow with your brush techniques gives you a sense of confidence and calm to then blend tones and gradients of colour to give a landscape a feeling of depth. Watercolour papers and digital printing will also be explored to broaden your experimenting with alternative surfaces on which to use your watercolour materials and give you a number of options to choose from. You will complete an A3 scape and 3 smaller rectangular landscapes. Samples and experiments of techniques and skills learnt will be created to document in your visual journal. Materials are included in this workshop.

 width=  Watercolours Workshop - Landscape June
  18 Jun 2022  Montville Studio
 width=  Watercolours Workshop - Landscape July 9th
  09 Jul 2022  Montville Studio
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