Drawing Workshop - Portraits Ink and Coffee Sunday April 7th 2024

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Explore and fire your passion for drawing by creating create your own toolkit of materials and develop the art of observation and portraiture. Materials provided for this workshop will be graphite, charcoal, pastels, ink and coffee, various A3 and A4 papers. You will learn how to create a portrait using skills such as proportion, contour lines and tonal experiments to expand your knowledge into drawing with various media. Techniques such as continuous line, mark making, working into negative spaces, exploring depth and shadows and transferring images are just some of the ways to create ideas for drawing portraits that will reflect your unique approach – adding coffee into the mix makes it something you will easily get addicted to! Understanding facial shapes and angles will start you observing and refining your own approach to what makes up a portrait. This is a workshop for beginners at heart and lovers of challenging the idea of what makes a portrait easy and fun to create..

6-8 participants

Date: 07 Apr 2024    
1.00pm -3.00pm

Artist: Janine Delgos

Location: Art Workshops Montville Studio

Address: 184 Main Street, Montville QLD 4560

Cost: $80.00


Step into our relaxed environment, let your worries fade away, and immerse yourself in the calming process of drawing. Our workshops are designed to cater to all skill levels, and beginners are especially welcome. You'll feel supported and encouraged as you explore your creativity and find joy in creating beautiful artwork.

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in the last week

Janine is a very knowledgeable, kind and creative woman who was very great to work with and I learnt so much from my session with her!! I cant wait to...

lily rawlingsSee review on Google


in the last week


Sarah GillSee review on Google


in the last week

We had a great time. I wouldn’t say that creating art comes naturally to me, yet Janine made all of us feel included and made sure we all had input. A...

David WillersdorfSee review on Google


in the last week

OMG .. wonderful workshop .. wonderful facilitator .. I supported a client to attend this workshop .. look forward to more art in the future....

Carol WarrenSee review on Google


2 weeks ago

Received a voucher for Christmas for a beginners pottery wheel class and it was the best gift ever! I’d never done any sort pottery before - Janine wa...

Alex HardingSee review on Google