Studio Art Course Every Friday Afternoon

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The Studio Art course, for 6 sessions, will start you using basic media to explore and manipulate materials and understand how to use art as a vehicle for self-expression. Once you work through each media in an activity for your 2 hours each week, you are then confidently going to work through how design elements can be visually supportive for an idea or artwork you have in mind.
The ongoing course will give you an insight into tools and activities to begin confidently in graphite and pencil, watercolour pencils, painting and dry pastels. You will investigate visual arts elements such as line, colour, shape and texture using a variety of simple media. You will be shown some creative and easy ways to take these techniques and skills further in exercises designed to get you combining these in a journal space.
Begin exploring and experimenting with elements of design and having hands-on experience with a variety of traditional and non-traditional media within your visual journal space. We will also touch on ideas kept in a digital journal and view apps to also enhance your mindfulness of what a visual journey into art can be!
You will create a hand made journal each session and all materials are included.
6 sessions x 2 hours

Every Friday
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Artist: Janine Delgos

Location: Art Workshops Montville Studio

Address: 184 Main Street, Montville QLD 4560

Cost: $240.00

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Workshop Artist:

Janine Delgos has 30 years of experience in the realm of Visual Art and Education. She has been a prolific teacher in both regional and coastal schools in and around the Sunshine Coast and is passionate at encouraging her students to explore and break conventions and boundaries to find their own narrative as well as fostering community creativity and mentoring the young and talented. Janine has a multitude of skills, techniques and materials knowledge that provide inspiring and creative approaches to any artwork
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