Printmaking Workshop – Stamp Carving and Lino Cutting January 13th 2024

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Printmaking has been the interest of artists for many centuries. It can be unlike any marks painted or drawn. The spontaneity of mono printing and creating your own lino tile can allow for an element of freedom and surprise unlike any other media. Printing techniques such as relief, stamp and lino printing can also be combined with more contemporary explorations into digital printing to show how flexible and creative this media can be. Hard and soft rollers are easy to manipulate and can be used with simple methods, such as stamping and frottage but with exciting and versatile results. You will learn basic methods of lino cutting and select from a range of printing tools and types of paper necessary for each method while highlighting safe and responsible workplace practices.
This workshop will have you exploring some versatile lino printing techniques that will capture your imagination for printing on a variety of surfaces including a small hard board canvas, your own stamp, lino tiles and small cards for you to take home and frame.
Materials included

Date: 13 Jan 2024    
9:00am -12:00pm

Artist: Janine Delgos

Location: Art Workshops Studio Montville

Address: 184 Main Street, Montville QLD 4560

Cost: $150.00

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Workshop Artist:

Janine Delgos is a qualified secondary art educator and artist with 30 years of experience in the realm of Visual Art and Education. She has been a prolific teacher in both regional and coastal schools in and around the Sunshine Coast and is passionate at encouraging her students to explore and break conventions and boundaries to find their own narrative as well as fostering community creativity and mentoring the young and talented. Janine has a multitude of skills, techniques and materials knowledge that provide inspiring and creative approaches to any artwork
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